Keats and the triple morn

“What the Thrush Said,” by Josep Porcar


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    Dave 18 May, 2010

    Thanks, Josep, and welcome to the forum! I love that poem, especially the last lines, which I’ve quoted without remembering who wrote them. Good ol’ Keats.

    Why are the women in your video montages always so hot? Makes it hard to concentrate on the poem. :)

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      josep 18 May, 2010

      Yes, indeed. I have to put more ugly girls or very hairy men. ;-)

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        Dave 18 May, 2010

        To tell you the truth, generally speaking my aesthetic preference is more for realism in videopoetry. One of my biggest complaints about Hollywood movies is how ridiculously good-looking everyone is.

        That said, I sure don’t want to look at hairy men. Which is especially hypocritical of me since I am one!

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          renkat 18 May, 2010

          ah, a welcome break from poets’ characteristic narcissism?

          • Dave 18 May, 2010

            Well, I wouldn’t go that far! I’m kinda like Lemmy from Motorhead, if that reference means anything to you: I derive a perverse satisfaction from my own lack of good looks.

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