Swoon: Top Ten Videopoems

Here’s a top 10 showcasing some of the possibilities in videopoetry. Things I like a lot over the last few years…yes there are many more.

Heimweg (poem by Peh)
Film and animation: Franziska Otto (2010)


Racing Time (poem by Chris Woods)
Adele Meyers & Ra Page (2012)


Delikatnie mnie odepchnąłeś całą (poem by Bozena Urszula Malinowska)
Marcin Konrad Malinowski (2012)



You and Me (“May i feel said he” by e.e. cummings)
Kartsen Krause (2009)


Profile (poem by R.W. Perkins)
R.W. Perkins (2012)


The Forty Elephants (poem by Gérard Rudolf)
Alastair Cook (2011)


Silent Scene (poem by J.P. Sipilä)
J.P. Sipilä (2013)


Our Bodies (A Sinner’s Prayer) (poem by Matt Mullins)
Matt Mullins (2013)


Who’d have thought (poem by Melissa Diem)
Melissa Diem (2013)


What Remains (poem by Gareth Sion Jenkins)
Film by Jason Lam (2010)

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