Martina Pfeiler: Ten Poetry Films for Stimulating Student Discussions

I have introduced poetry films to students for over a decade now. I am very lucky that my students never cease to surprise me with their great observations and analytic responses that unfold in our classroom discussions. Try it!

Ballad of the Skeletons
Gus Van Sant, 1996 (poem and performance by Allen Ginsberg)


Standard Oil Co.
DJ Kadagian, 2004 (poem by Pablo Neruda)


1700% Mistaken for Muslim
Masahiro Sugano, 2010 (poem and performance by Anida Yoeu Ali)


A Finger, Two Dots Then Me
David and Daniel Holecheck, 2011 (poem by Derrick Brown)


Why I Write
Masahiro Sugano, 2012 (poem and performance by Kosal Khiev)


The Dice Player
Nissmah Roshdy, 2013 (poem and reading by Mahmoud Darwish)


Forgotten Memory
Siobhan MacMahon, 2014 (poem by Siobhan MacMahon)


In the Circus of You
Cheryl Gross, 2014 (poem by Nicelle Davis)


I Can’t Breathe (Eric Garner)
Brandon Victor Dixon and Warren Adams, 2014 (poem and performance by Daniel J. Watts)


Indefinite Animals
Martha McCollough, 2015 (poem and film by Martha McCollough)

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