Calls for work: Beware!

Photo by Felix Mooneeram on Unsplash

An empty screening is a nightmare – Covid closures, bad or no publicity, or just no one want to come and watch … all are awful scenarios. But before this point – stay alert for the increasing number of scam festivals that promote themselves on platforms such as FilmFreeway. There may be total scams that are completely fake and will just collect the entry fees and do nothing, but there are also a growing number of events that are dubious at best – perhaps multifarious categories to elicit many more hopefuls but little else going on beyond a few ‘prizes’, or perhaps an online-only screening that no one will pay any attention to because it doesn’t have an established audience. Poetry film is growing as a genre in the film world which is, of course, fantastic, but this means it becomes more vulnerable too as it is less of place where everyone knows everyone.

All festivals, events and calls for work are mentioned by Moving Poems with our best efforts and in good faith. However, do check all details yourself as we cannot guarantee accuracy, and make your own judgements because we cannot verify the things that we share.

We found several articles which describe this problem in more detail, and which contain helpful advice on how to steer clear:

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