Seven things I know by Janet Lees

Janet Lees is a poet and film-maker with a distinctive voice.

Her images are often black and white, with soft shades of grey, or tinged with the subtlest of colours. Her poetry is minimal in style, carrying quiet emotion. In counterpoint, the soundtracks are often lush in feeling. So it is in her latest film, Seven things I know.

The atmospheric music is by alt-pop duo Narrow Skies, Anita and Ben Tatlow. The song’s lyrics weave with those of the poem, which is given as text on screen. Anita Tatlow sings in an abstract way that is more musical than verbal, and so the song does not detract, but instead adds fine strands of meaning to Janet Lees’ poem.

The poem is whimsical while uncovering depth. A few of the seven things of the title:

the cadbury’s flake jingle

the magpie’s rough music

that eric morecambe
was not my uncle

Both poem and song lyrics are printed on the page with the video. This is a film in a single shot and slow motion rhythm, with breathing space for each of its elements.

More of Janet Lees’ films are to be found on her Moving Poems author page.

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