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Brenda Clews is a Zimbabwe-born Canadian poet, painter, videopoet & photographer. Her book, Tidal Fury (Guernica, 2016), has been translated into Italian as Furia delle maree (PlusPlas Edizioni, 2024), & a French translation is slated. She has a prose poetry novella, Fugue in Green (Quattro, 2017). She's published in many journals. Her artwork has appeared on journal covers, in solo & group shows- it is also featured on her book covers. As an interdisciplinary artist, she creates mythopoeic work on a precarity of social and personal masks. Her writing interweaves undervoices revealing post capitalist imaginaries of a deep ecological and spiritual substrata. Her body modulates naturally as she vocalizes the poetic image and becomes a part of her performance. She hosts Minstrels & Bards, a soirée at the Tranzac Club in Tkaronto/Toronto. Her website is

Introducing VidPoFilm

I am announcing the birth of a new online journal: VidPoFilm.

VidPoFilm explores the poetics of video and film poetry and offers critiques of works in this genre.

I am both curating and editing the material at VidPoFilm. So far, I’m posting my Video and Film Poem Fridays articles.

VidPoFilm is open to submissions — only articles on other video and film poems, this is not a self-promotion site for me or any other video or film poets — but I won’t have a description of my requirements ready for another month or two. Articles can be pre- or co-published in your own blogs, this is preferable in fact. My only rule, so far, is one article per year per video or film poet. Brilliant work is being produced world-wide in this field and I do not foresee running out of material. I’ve put up a loose “About” page and welcome comments and questions, which will help me to articulate what the journal is and seeks.

Subscribe by RSS feed to the site. Blogger offers a state-of-the-art blog that enables you to watch the videos in your Readers. VidPoFilm is about disseminating video and film poems far and wide while offering a way to ‘read’ them. The stats on the videos and films discussed is more important than the stats on the journal site, so please watch the films — they are ‘top notch’! These flicks are the crème de la crème.