Posts By J.P. Sipilä

J.P. Sipilä (b. 1981, Helsinki, Finland) is a videopoet. He creates compositions that generate tranquil moving images in relation to poetic texts that leave traces and balances on the edge of recognition. Sipilä looks for new and different ways to approach poetry on screen. Whether they’re re-thinking the relationship of image, sound and text or the possibilities of different poetic spaces, his works create multiple ways to ”see” poetry. Sipilä’s works never show the complete structure. His poems appear as dreamlike fragments where the ”I” is never stable. By applying a poetic and often fragmented language, Sipilä creates emotional, meaningful poems regardless of if the works are written on paper, displayed on screen or composed within installations. His latest piece, poem installation made for browsers, melds poetry, video and sound into an immersive experience that guides visitors through poetry rarely encountered within the confines of a web browser. At the Day’s End (again, again) was published in 2023.

J.P. Sipilä: Ten videopoems I want people to see

Tallinas iela
by Arturs Pünte (2012)


by AVaspo/Fresco Pictures (2010)


by Machine Libertine (poetry by Natalia Fedorova) (2014)


Abecedario poético
by Mariano Renterá Garnica (poetry by Raúl Calderon Gordilo) (2011)


The Polish Language
by Alice Lyons and Orla Mc Hardy (2009)


The Clinic
by Kristian Pedersen (poetry by Annelie Axén) (2010)


Sympathies of War: A Postscript
by Tom Konyves (1978)


by Javier Robledo (2007)


Anna Blume
by Vessela Dantcheva (main animator Ebele Okoye; poem by Kurt Schwitters) (2010)


by Nico Vassilakis (2005)