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On literary film-making: an evening with The Brooklyn Rail @ 7:00 pm on May 23rd

Visual Verse celebrates artists who use film and video to create work based on short stories and documentaries about writers or films which revolve around poetry. After presenting work by four leading literary filmmakers — Ram Devineni, John Scott, Cheryl Gross, and Immy Humes — a discussion will be moderated by Rachael Rakes, film editor for The Brooklyn Rail. That’s coming up this Thursday evening. The location is 52 Prince St, New York, New York. For more details, see the McNally Jackson bookstore website.

McNally Jackson Bookstore in NYC is holding an…

McNally Jackson Bookstore in NYC is holding an event on May 23rd celebrating literary filmmakers. We’re looking to assemble a panel of film/video artists who specialize in poetry films, films based on short stories or documentaries about writers or the writing process. The night will be moderated by Rachel Rakes, film editor at the Brooklyn Rail. If you’re a filmmaker whose work falls into any of these categories and would like to showcase it at the event, don’t hesitate to contact us. Send any inquiries to