~ Filmmaker: Amang Hung ~

more than one by Lo Sirong

A musical videopoem from Taiwan, ‘more than one‘ features the exquisite voice of Lo Sirong singing her own text, in a first collaboration with film-maker Amang Hung, also a poet of some renown.

The subtitles in English are by Steve Bradbury, an American who lived for many years in Taiwan as Associate Professor of English at National Central University. In this week focusing on translation at Moving Poems, this video also embodies another level of poetry translation – into song. About Lo Sirong:

Influenced by her father the poet Lo Lang, Lo Sirong enters her musical world through her poetry; she applies an improvisational style that highlights both her vocal and literary talents to produce intimate meditations on love, family and the human spirit in everyday life.

Lo has produced a large body of work and has written hundreds of songs in Hakka Hokkien and Mandarin Chinese. She has won a number of awards for both her songwriting and poetry from major publications in Taiwan. – World Music Central

Further reading about Lo Sirong also reveals that she embarked on her singing career unusually late in life, not long before turning 50.

Prior to sharing this collaboration between Lo Sirong and Amang Hung, Moving Poems published two musical videopoetry collaborations between Lo Sirong and film-maker Ye Mimi.