~ Filmmaker: Brian Mackenwells ~

Writing Advice by Brian Mackenwells

Humour and silliness are not commonly found in poetry films. I rejoice when I stumble upon a piece that tickles my funny bone. Writing Advice by Brian Mackenwells is one such rarity. The synopsis:

A pencil-powered matchbox theatre outlines the risk of using sub-par pencils.

This is a one-man show, with Mackenwells as writer, narrator and film-maker. The video animation is amusingly home-spun and original. A bio:

Brian Mackenwells is an Irish writer living in Oxford. Despite being quite tired, he has written for the BBC about pencils, told stories on stage about not getting sick in zero gravity, performed standup about strange superheroes, and co-wrote an audio drama every month for five years.

I found Writing Advice among the finalist films in the 2022 Ó Bhéal Poetry-Film Competition in Ireland.