~ Filmmaker: Claire Rosslyn Wilson ~

The Grains Are Rough Here by Claire Rosslyn Wilson

A poetry film in eight parts, The Grains Are Rough Here is by Australian-born writer, film-maker, researcher and editor, Claire Rosslyn Wilson. Footage and sound were collected in Melbourne, Chiang Mai, Singapore and Barcelona, the latter her current place of residence.

In the video notes she describes the film as “a suite of 8 videopoems”. Indeed, each of the eight parts could stand alone, but I find them cohesive as a single film. The intertwining of personal and political reflection is emotionally affecting. Rhythmic repetitions of words, phrases and lines deepen the sense and impact of the text. The effective editing of images and sounds suggests an experienced film-maker.

Wilson speaks her own poetry in the film, accompanied by subtitles. To some this may seem unnecessary doubling up. But I enjoyed being able to visually read the poetry at will, as well as to hear it, allowing different perspectives on the writing. The 13-minute duration invites an easy shifting of focus across each element of the film.

From the ‘About‘ section of her website:

I take an intercultural and interdisciplinary approach that explores creative ways to look closely at the world around us. This stems from my personal experience working in a number of cultures (Australia, Spain, Thailand, Singapore), which has given me an appreciation for the importance of an open and multifaceted worldview, necessary when adapting to diverse cultural contexts.