~ Poet: Jessie Jing ~

I’ll Write About It Later by Jessie Jing

I’ll Write About It Later is an author-made piece by Jessie Jing, a Malaysian dance artist, choreographer and writer based in London.

I stumbled upon this interesting and affecting video in one of those happy, random moments of web discovery. Surprisingly, I noticed in drafting this post that it’s the first time a Malaysian artist has featured here at Moving Poems.

The video is personal and intimate, incorporating Jing’s own voice floating above expressive, animated doodles and text. The visual style is strongly influenced by concrete poetry.

The subject of the video seems also to relate to Jing’s mental health advocacy. This includes her debut poetry collection Manuscripts of the Mind, described as “…a series of poetry and prose dedicated to, and inspired by, the fantastical world of the bipolar mind and how one encounters and experiences metamorphosis to their state of being.” The collection is published under the name Jessie J’ng.