~ Poet: Tania Haberland ~

Watershed by Tania Haberland

Watershed is a fusion of abstract music video and poetic text. Its maker, Carine Iriarte, calls this electropoetry. As with ambient electronic music, the piece is minimal, with mantric repetition of a fragment of a poem by Tania Haberland, whose spoken voice within the music is lush and lulling to the ear. The images meet the sound in fluid digital layers. The hypnotic experience of the video is like a trance meditation.

The Torrid Zone is another video from these artists featured before at Moving Poems, in that instance from a complete poem by Haberland.

Music and film are credited to Poetics of Reverie, a collaborative project of Iriarte.

The Torrid Zone by Tania Haberland

The Torrid Zone is a strong and beautiful video, the first one up in my Vimeo feed today.

The poem is by Tania Haberland. It can be read on the page below the video at Vimeo. Her voicing of it is marvelous: slow in rhythm, minimal, richly-toned, and affecting. From a bio for her:

…a tri-national poet (German-South African-Mauritian)… born in Africa, raised in Arabia and matured in Europe. She publishes, performs and exhibits her poetry and multi-media collaborations across the globe.

The abstract moving images and the soundtrack are credited to Poetics of Reverie. This is French artist Carine Iriarte and her collaborators in various media. She describes this project in her bio:

…a collaborative artistic project mixing poetry, electro music, painting, short films, movement and nature…