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The posh mums are boxing in the square by Wayne Holloway-Smith

The posh mums are boxing in the square is a marvelous piece from U.K. poet Wayne Holloway-Smith and Dutch film-maker Helmie Stil, both award-winning artists. The synopsis:

The film poem is about a mother re-imagined into life and given boxing gloves to fight off cancer.

Producer Director and Editor: Helmie Stil
Writer: Wayne Holloway-Smith
Swimmers: Adele Carlson and Katie Fried
Underwater Camera: Philip Bartropp
Underwater camera assistent: Aaron Hindes
Camera: Edmund Saunders
Soundscape: Lennert Busch

The film was made in association with the Healthy Scepticism Project, The Poetry Society and Motionpoems.

Moving Poems has previously shared several other poetry film collaborations from Helmie Stil.