The 2nd annual International Film Poetry Festival will take place in Athens in November 2013

The +Institute [for Experimental Arts] and Void Network organize the International Film Poetry Festival that will take place in Athens in November 2013.

The yearly International Film Poetry Festival will be held for a second time in Greece. Approximately 1000 people attended the festival in 2012.

There will be two different zones of the festival. The first zone will include video poetry shows by artists from all over the world (America, Asia, Europe, Africa). The second zone will include cross-platform collaborations of sound producers and music groups with poets and visual artists in live improvisations.

It is very important to notice that this festival is a part of the counter-culture activities of Void Network and +the Institute [for Experimental Arts] and will be non-sponsored, free entrance, non-commercial and non-profit event. The festival will cover the costs (2000 posters, 15.000 flyers, high quality technical equipment, etc.) from the incomes of the bar of the festival.

All the participating artists and the organizing groups will participate voluntary to the festival.

We would like to inform you that The International Film Poetry Festival is under negotiations for the production of the festival and the presentation of the same video poetry programme in other countries, among them in India, in Switzerland, in Brasil and in U.S.A. After the end of the negotiations, the participators will be informed for several other international presentations.

Void Network started organizing multi-media poetry nights in 1990. Void Network and +the Institute [for Experimental Arts] believe that multi media Poetry Nights and Video Poetry shows can vibrate the heart of Metropolis, bring new audiences in contact with contemporary poetry and open new creative dimensions for this ancient art. To achieve this, we respect the aspirations and the objectives of the artists, create high quality self organized exhibition areas and show rooms, we work with professional technicians and we offer to the artists and the people meeting points that can stand antagonistically to the mainstream culture.

See photos of the International Film Poetry Festival 2012.

You can look here for some photos of previous poetry nights organized by Void Network and +the Institute [for Experimental Arts]:

For more photos from Void Network art, events and actions:

We look forward to your participation. For more info in Greek and English language, and an APPLICATION FORM, visit:

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