Call for entries: OLE International Festival of Electronic Literature

A month-long International Festival of Electronic Literature—OLE—will be held in Naples and its environs in October. There is of course some overlap between videopoetry/filmpoetry and electronic literature; here’s how the festival website describes the latter:

Electronic Literature, also known as eLiterature or digital literature, includes a wide genre of works that make use of digital media (from the computer to the Internet to single software) to be created and / or to be used. It is therefore not about traditional works subsequently digitized, but born digital works that generate real new languages and, therefore, new literatures.

The festival is divided into two sections, one “made up of internationally renowned artists from all over the world,” and the other for younger artists. The call for proposals targets the latter group:

Present Call is addressed to young people of any nationality who are under 35 years of age. The theme of the Festival is “Memory of the future: to know ours roots to plan a common future”. The other sub themes are: “conditions for peace, sustainable development, knowledge and cultural diversity,” in parallel with the theme of Universal Forum of Cultures.

The works they’re seeking include:


  • videopoetry
  • kinetic poetry
  • interactive poetry
  • 3D poetry
  • multimedia poetry
  • hypertext poetry
  • flash poetry
  • generative poetry
  • code poetry

The deadline is May 15. Refer to the website for the rather complex submission procedures (which may be more comprehensible in Italian).

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