The Poetry Storehouse First Anniversary Contest

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The Poetry Storehouse opened its doors on October 15, 2013 and since then has amassed a fabulous collection of poems and audio-visual remixes based on those poems, thanks to a more than 100-strong (and growing) community of poets, remixers and readers.

Creative energy is never created from scratch, nor does it ever die, but continually morphs from form to form as each of us is inspired by what has gone before us and in turn inspires what comes after us. Unique for its three categories of contributors – poets, remixers and readers – who engage with each others’ work with always interesting and frequently stunning results, the Storehouse embodies that continual passing on of the creative baton.

Join us in celebrating these awesome community achievements by participating in the Poetry Storehouse First Anniversary Contest as either a remixer or a poet, details below. Deadline for all contest submissions is midnight EST on Sunday October 19, 2014.


Create a remix (a video remix, an art collage, a soundscape, a sound collage, or surprise us) in response to any Storehouse poem currently up at the site. All contest remixes must be created on or after September 22, 2014. If you would like a reading by a specific Storehouse reader for the poem you select, email nic_sebastian at hotmail dot com and we will see what we can do for you.

Audio-video judgesMarc Neys (aka Swoon), Erica Goss and Dave Bonta
Art judgePeter Ciccariello

The winning remix, depending on its format, will be featured by The Poetry Storehouse, Moving Poems and The Third Form.

Contest submissions – please email nic_sebastian at hotmail dot com with a link to your submission or to discuss the best format for your submission.


Write a poem in response to one of these three videos by Storehouse remixers:

Poetry judgeJessica Piazza

Our judge, working with a panel of screeners, will select one poem for each of the three videos and all three clips will be finished by the original film-maker to incorporate the selected poems. The three finished clips and poems will be showcased both at The Poetry Storehouse and by our contest collaboration partner, Menacing Hedge.

Contest submissions – please use our submissions manager and submit in the ‘Poetry Storehouse 1st Anniversary Contest‘ category.

Video clip by Eduardo Yagüe
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Video clip by Marc Neys

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Video clip by Lori Ersolmaz

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