The Continental Review relaunches and The Volta’s Medium returns from hiatus

The Continental Review

A post at Queen Mob’s Teahouse tipped me off to the relaunch of The Continental Review, one of the oldest online videopoetry magazines, founded by Nicholas Manning in 2007 and still co-edited by Manning and Jordan Stempleman. It’s now hosted on Squarespace with a minimalist, responsive design that serves the content well. The archive is organized alphabetically by author’s last name and is very browseable indeed. And they have two new videos up for Winter 2015.

The Continental Review is included in the short list of recommended sites on the front page of Moving Poems. Another journal in that list, The Volta‘s video section Medium, had been on hiatus since April 2014, but as of January 1 they too have a new issue out, #85: a 20-minute videopoem by Brandi Katherine Herrera and Andrew Glei called Verso. It’s great to see Medium back, and I hope they’ll resume regular posting.

Both journals welcome unsolicited submissions, by the way — both through more or less the same process of uploading pieces to Vimeo and emailing their editors with the links.

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