Adondar a lingua / Kneading language by Celia Parra

A videopoem by Galician filmmaker-poet (and videopoetry blogger) Celia Parra. There’s also a version without English subtitles. The Vimeo description:

“Kneading language” speaks about love for language and the emotional roots that connect us to it. It explores the role of family in transmitting affection for our culture and traditions.
– Nominated to “Best Valentine” at Rabbit Heart Poetry Film Festival (USA) 2016
– Selected at Rabbit Heart Poetry Film Festival (USA) 2016
– Selected at Ó Bhéal Poetry-Film Competition (Ireland) 2016
2º Prize for videoart (ex aequo), Xuventude Crea 2016

According to the credits, Parra was responsible for poem, voiceover, camera-work and editing, while the soundtrack was composed and recorded by Alejandro Almau. I must say, as an amateur baker, I was fascinated by the footage, and have a sudden urge to make Galician empanadas. Northwest Spain is apparently where the empanada originated.

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    Luisa A. Igloria 8 January, 2017

    My whole being responds to this. (This is why, as Matthew Salesses said in a recent article, there can never be “only” “pure craft.”) What we know—as writers, artists, as humans—is taught and learned in those intricate primary constellations where the individual is pressed upon by family, culture, gender, class, race… Our hands remember, and our mouths, our bodies, our scars, our stories— especially when we begin to press back and make of experience our own bread and nourishment.

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