Tryouts by Gary Jackson

Animation by Victor Newman of a poem from Gary Jackson‘s book Missing You, Metropolis, which “imagines the comic-book worlds of Superman, Batman, and the X-Men alongside the veritable worlds of Kansas, racial isolation, and the gravesides of a sister and a friend,” according to the publisher’s description. Newman was assisted by animators Jonathan Djob Nkonbo and Jeff Chong, JD McMillin did the sound design, and the voiceover is by Chuck Johnson.

Tryouts was produced by Motionpoems as part of their Season 7, in partnership with Cave Canem. For the text of the poem, see the Motionpoems website.

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    […] Gary Jackson – Tryouts          For those of us who live at the shoreline /standing upon             the constant edges of decision / crucial and alone                     – Audre Lorde from “A Litany for Survival”               With that jive bunch of turkeys in the JLA? Forget it!!                      – Black Lightning from  Justice League of America #173 – There’s one boy on fire and another drowning. You only get to save one for your final exam, so you lift the wet boy from the lake and don’t realize your mistake until Superman touches down, sorry son, we can’t have – Read rest of poem   Found at Moving Poems […]

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