Motionpoems announces Epiphany Awards for poetry filmmaking

A press release from Motionpoems.

Eppies logoMotionpoems is thrilled to announce the first ever Epiphany Awards: an annual awards program recognizing outstanding international contributions to the field of poetry filmmaking. As the world’s most robust poetry film producer, Motionpoems is thrilled to recognize and support poetry filmmakers with this exciting new series of awards.

A Motionpoems Epiphany Award—aka, an Eppy—is open to any poetry film not produced by Motionpoems, Inc., and will be awarded annually by a rotating jury of Motionpoems collaborators. Honors will be conferred to work deemed uniquely innovative or important in three categories: Adaptation, Production, and Innovation. The inaugural Epiphany Awards will be presented to six top-winning films during a Motionpoems screening, and winners will be invited to attend. Winning films will be awarded laurels, a $500 prize, and recognition across Motionpoems social media channels.

Entrants can submit up to three eligible films on Submittable by April 1, 2019, with an entry fee of $5 to cover administrative costs. We will accept films previously released or distributed online or elsewhere. Eligibility: Films of any length, based on a poem or poems, crediting all collaborators, and completed within two years of the entry deadline are eligible. By entering the contest, Motionpoems is granted the right to screen and share the work, and the entrant attests that relevant rights to show and distribute the work have been obtained.

The jury for 2019, selected to represent diversity and prestige, will be revealed after the awards are announced. For complete information, please visit us at or our Submittable page.

Having begun as a collaboration between animator/producer Angella Kassube and award-winning poet Todd Boss in 2008, Minneapolis-based Motionpoems has grown into a 501c3 nonprofit arts organization with over 120 films in circulation with hundreds of cast and crew from around the world. Currently producing its ninth season of poetry films, Motionpoems has a longstanding record of partnering with top quality for-profit and nonprofit publishers, film companies, and literary organizations.

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