~ Filmmaker: Alexandre Braga ~

De Dentro / From Within by Ruth Ministro

Nilson Muniz performs a work by the young Portuguese poet Ruth Ministro. Alexandre Braga directs.

Um fiapo de homem (An excuse for a man) by Nereu Afonso

This is FIAPO, a short poetry film available in multiple languages and with its own Facebook page. The poet, Nereu Afonso, is credited with the screenplay and also stars in the film. Alexandre Braga directs. The description at Vimeo and Facebook reads,

Um homem só, palavras de um homem só…
O que dizer? Como dizer e para quem dizer quando o silêncio à sua volta lhe parece portador de mais sentido?
O que é mais lúcido? O que é mais absurdo? Falar ou calar?
Esta é a terceira experiência criativa de Alexandre Braga e Nereu Afonso. Talvez não trará respostas. Contentar-se-á em lançar perguntas. Perguntas presas num último fiapo… no qual poderíamos nos agarrar.

Google Translate renders this as follows:

A man, a man only words …
What to say? How to say and who to tell when the silence around him seems to carry more meaning?
What is more lucid? What is more absurd? Speak or be silent?
This is the third creative experience of Alexandre Afonso Braga and Nereus. It may not bring answers. Content will be to launch questions. Questions lint trapped in the last … in which we cling.

(Hat-tip: the Video and Film Poetry group on Vimeo)

Eu (não) me resigno (I (don’t) give up) by Fernando Pessoa

Alexandre Braga directed this film for BASE Comunicação Audiovisual, who uploaded it to Vimeo:

From the poetry of Fernando Pessoa, this visual message proposes a moment of introspection and places us in a universe of thought: The man, once again trying to reach the divine.

All this happens in a kind of sanctuary: The top of the highest mountains in a small island in the middle of the Atlantic.

Of particular interest to me here was the way the filmmaker went beyond the usual subtitle approach for the English translations of each line, and integrated them into the film as text animations, resulting in one of the more thoroughly bilingual poetry films I’ve seen.