~ Filmmaker: Anna Dickie ~

Currie by Dorothy Baird

This new collaboration for the This Collection project features Anna Dickie, who also contributed a poem to the project (see “Same Place, Different View“), in charge of camera and editing, joined by Stefanie Tan for the sound editing. As Stefanie explains on Vimeo,

With the help of the local butcher, traffic lady and sporting residents, Dorothy Baird and Anna Dickie bring to life the portrait of Edinburgh’s unassuming suburb, Currie.

The bus 44 links Anna’s stomping ground, Haddington to Dorothy’s neighbourhood, Currie and this intimate collaboration adds to the magical mysterious connections the poems from thiscollection continues to unearth.

Anna used only photographic stills to piece together the concept for the film.

For more on Dorothy Baird, here’s a bio and interview.