~ Filmmaker: Beate Gördes ~

The Gone Missing by Joseph Aversano (Beate Gördes)

Selected for the 2023 Haiku North America Haibun Film Festival. Browse the other selections.

From German director Beate Gördes, who was born in 1961 in Germany, and currently lives and works in Cologne. She studied Fine Arts at the University of Applied Sciences in Cologne. Since 2006, her main focus has been on video compositions combined with electroacoustic sounds. She has participated in exhibitions both nationally and internationally since 1985, including most recently the 2023 COLLAGE ON SCREEN Kolaj Fest New Orleans, USA; 2023 INTERNATIONAL POETRY FILM FESTIVAL OF THURINGIA, Weimar, Germany; 2022 HIER NICHT HIER (with Dagmar Lutz) TENRI Japanese-German Cultural Workshop Cologne, Germany; and 2022 ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival, Berlin, Germany.

Judges’ statement: “Bewitched and glitchy—a mesmerizing film with strong use of layout and a graphic image. Great sound choice, eerie but not too dominating.”

Joseph Salvatore Aversano is a native New Yorker currently living on the Central Anatolian steppe with his wife Asu. His poems have been published in numerous journals and some have been awarded or anthologized. He is the founding curator of Half Day Moon Press and editor of Half Day Moon Journal. We chose five different films that used his haibun, “The Gone Missing,” intrigued that so many filmmakers chose to work with it, and eager to show the variety of approaches that poetry filmmakers can take.