~ Filmmaker: Daniel Lichtenberg ~

What I Say When You Ask What I’m Up To by Diana Salier

San Francisco-based writer and musician Diana Salier collaborated with the animator and director, Daniel Lichtenberg, on

A paper cutout-style animated video adapted from Diana Salier’s poem WHAT I SAY WHEN YOU ASK WHAT I’M UP TO, from her new book LETTERS FROM ROBOTS.

Diana builds a couch fort to hide herself from a former lover.

LETTERS FROM ROBOTS is out now on Night Bomb Press.

Salier stars in the film (along with Leiandrea Layus), composed the music and did the voice-over. Additional credits include assistant animator Max Berry and gaffer Matt Rome. (One doesn’t see nearly enough poetry films crediting gaffers.) It was produced at Photon SF.

Steak Night by Melissa Broder

A fun animation and text from filmmaker Daniel Lichtenberg and poet Melissa Broder. “Steak Night” appears in her widely reviewed new book, Meat Heart. The soundtrack includes original music by Diana Salier and Rob Justesen, and the poem is read by Edward Carden. Both music and animation were produced at Photon SF.

“Steak Night” originally appeared online at The Awl.