~ Filmmaker: James P. O'Malley ~

What I Have Learned So Far by Mary Oliver


O.K., this is something different for Moving Poems — a videopoem made to embody the mission of a university. Marquette University is a Jesuit school whose motto is “Be the Difference.” (Gotta love Jesuits!) The filmmaker is James P. O’Malley of Carnaval Pictures. Here’s what he says in the description at Vimeo:

Using Mary Oliver’s inspirational poem as a script, I created this Poem-Videoclip for the inauguration ceremony of Marquette University’s new president.

I shot all the images solo with my Canon 5D Mark2, using Nikkor and Canon lenses and available light. The sync sound day included John Egan, of Egan Audio Services, and Patrick O’Malley as assistant. Patrick composed, recorded and mastered the piano solo, and John Egan created the sound design and audio master.

The readers are Marquette University students, and all on-camera performers are “non-pro” or “real-people”.

I edited and mastered on FCP, except for the simple graphic call to action I exported from After Effects.

The result is lightly branded enough, I think, to engage Oliver fans unconnected with Marquette. I know I enjoyed it.