~ Filmmaker: Keith Allott ~

Space by Nathan Lunt

A film by Geoff Gilson and Keith Allott (BadshoesFilm), who writes in the YouTube description:

Originally filmed and edited by me and Geoff Gilson in 48 hours for the Leicester DocFest 48 hour doco challenge in November 2012. We took one of Dave Dhonau’s beautiful tracks and applied it to the visual. After further thought we felt we needed some spoken word material too so we asked the massively talented poet Nathan Lunt to write and perform an original piece. This is the result.

A fascinating process, which I think illustrates 1) how close documentary and videopoem can be; and 2) what good results can come from presenting a poet with film footage and asking him or her to write an original text in response. I wish more videopoems and filmpoems were made in this manner.

I found a description of the 48 Hour Documentary Film Competition at the website for the 2013 Leicester DocFilm Festival:

The mission is simple, to encourage new and established documentary filmmakers to get out there and make something, as well giving you a platform from which to showcase your talents. What makes the competition such a challenge is the 48 hour timeframe. It’s deliberately tough because we want to show just what’s possible when you put your mind to it.


We’ll announce the subject for the films at Phoenix Square 5pm, Friday 1st November and you’ll then have 48 hours to use however you’d like to produce, film & edit a short documentary up to 10 mins in length.

For more on Nathan Lunt, see this webpage from the University of Leicester.

Alice by Lydia Towsey

An interesting performance poem video “Created as a collection of spoken word pieces involving projecting images onto the artist,” according to the Leicester-based filmmaker, Keith Allott. For more about Lydia Towsey, see her website.