~ Filmmaker: Lauren Eddy ~

Hunter’s Green by Lauren Eddy

Though I’ve seen online documentaries about erasure poetry, this is the first videopoem I’ve seen that actually uses the technique as part of a stop-motion animation. It’s the result of a collaboration between the poet, Lauren Eddy and the animator and sound editor, Anne Duquennois, which Eddy clarified via email:

We came up with the concept and various visual aspects of the film together, and the animation was a collaborative process, so we credited the film with both of us as “co-creators.” The idea was to use film as a medium for commentary on the processual nature of erasure poetry and collage. We were inspired by the ways that one medium can re-interpret and re-invent another.

Anne’s production company is Broken Bike Productions — no website yet, but the address is brokenbikeproductions [at] gmail [dot] com.