~ Filmmaker: Zachary Schomburg ~

Costa Rica by Zachary Schomburg

According to the Vimeo desciption, “Costa Rica” appears in Zachary Schomburg’s latest collection, Fjords (see the review by J.A. Taylor at The Nervous Breakdown). Not sure how I missed this when he uploaded it 8 months ago, but it’s as good as any poem-film he’s ever made, proving once again that Schomburg is not just a inventive poet but one of our most adept video interpreters of his own work.

Where Babies Come From by James Tate

James Tate probably needs no introduction, but check out his page at the Poetry Foundation to hear more audio of him reading his work.

Zachary Schomburg probably needs no introduction to fans of videopoetry, either, but here’s his new tumblelog. I am still anxiously awaiting the release of his poem-film Asteroid, a three-minute trailer for which he released six months ago, saying that the full-length film would be “Forthcoming from Rabbit Light Movies in June 2011.” That issue doesn’t appear to be online yet.

I’m Sorry I Missed Your Birthday Party by Zachary Schomburg

I keep forgetting to revisit Zachary Schomburg’s Vimeo archives and grab the videos I haven’t shared here yet. This one’s a wonderfully mysterious, brief film with an insanely meta beginning. The poem is from Schomburg’s collection Scary, No Scary.

The Space Between Burned Out Suns by Emily Kendal Frey and Zachary Schomburg

Zachary Schomburg’s film for a poem from Something Should Happen at Night Outside, a collaboration with Emily Kendal Frey.

The World by Zachary Schomburg

Another videopoem by Zachary Schomburg in support of his collection Scary, No Scary.

The Black Hole by Zachary Schomburg

Another “poem film” by Zachary Schomburg in support of his collection Scary, No Scary.

You Must Choose Between Floating… by Zachary Schomburg

Another of Zachary Schomburg’s minimalist videopoems in support of his collection Scary, No Scary. (I think this one falls into the “scary” category.) The full title of the poem is “You Must Choose Between Floating Eternally in a Buoyant Cage of Hummingbird Bones Down a River of Lava or a River of Blood.”

Your Limbs Will Be Torn Off in a Farm Accident by Zachary Schomburg

Always good to see an accomplished poet who’s also adept at filmmaking. The poem is from his second book, Scary, No Scary.

Cold by Emily Kendal Frey

With the northeastern U.S. just coming out of a heat wave, winter seems a far-off and delicious prospect. This is a poem from the collection The New Planet by Porland, Oregon-based writer Emily Kendal Frey. The video is by Zachary Schomburg, with whom Frey has also done some collaborative writing, according to this interview with her at The Collagist. For this project they also brought in Emily’s sister Elinor Frey, an accomplished cellist, whose music helped create a very wintry ambience indeed.