~ Nationality: Costa Rica ~

Modicum by Pablo Saborío

An author-made videopoem by Pablo Saborío, who describes himself as a “Costa Rican-born poet, visual artist, mystic wonderer. Based in Copenhagen, Denmark.” His poetry is philosophical with a strong mystical bent. I chose Modicum because I’m a sucker for clever, single-shot videopoems. The description reads:

Video Poetics (Visual Metaphors)
Music created with Beepbox.co
Voice generated with readloud.net

Visit Saborío’s artist website or Vimeo page to see more of his unique work.

Vuelvo a la noche / Back in the Night by Mía Gallegos


This is the final film in Spanish director Eduardo Yagüe‘s Trilogía de Soledad (Trilogy of Solitude), which began with an adaptation of a piece by a Spanish poet, Pedro Luis Menéndez: La vida menguante (Waning Life), and continued with A media voz (Under My Breath), which responded to a text by Peruvian poet Blanca Varela. “Vuelvo a la noche” is by the contemporary Costa Rican poet Mía Gallegos.

Solitude has certainly taken on a different, potentially life-saving connotation in this time of pandemic, and my Spanish friends have been in my mind a lot lately. Eduardo has said that this trilogy was “sobre la soledad y el vacío existencial, creativo y amoroso” (about solitude and existential, creative, and romantic emptiness). All three poems were translated into English by the London-based translator and poet Jean Morris.