~ Poet: Ada Limón ~

How to Triumph Like a Girl by Ada Limón

This is “An animation created for MTV’s Women’s History Month. It was made using watercolor cut paper stop motion” by Providence, Rhode Island-based artist and animator Hayley Morris. Ada Limón is the poet. See Vimeo for the full credit list.

The Leash by Ada Limón

After the birthing of bombs of forks and fear,
the frantic automatic weapons unleashed,
the spray of bullets into a crowd holding hands,
that brute sky opening in a slate metal maw
that swallows only the unsayable in each of us, what’s
left? Even the hidden nowhere river is poisoned
orange and acidic by a coal mine….

Ada Limón‘s searing poem was animated by Rachel Visser using “After Effects, paper, paint, sand, clay, yarn, other found objects” and the poet’s own recitation.

Visser has also animated a poem by Czesław Miłosz.