~ Poet: Azzurra D'Agostino ~

Interni / Interiors by Azzurra D’Agostino

I had the pleasure of seeing this film, from Italian director Gianmaria Sortino, on the big screen at ZEBRA. Like Sina Seiler’s Elephant, it prompts us to consider the interior spaces of women’s lives from a new perspective.

Sortino describes it at Vimeo as

Video poetry based on a piece by a young talented poet, Azzurra D’Agostino.

A special thank to Marina Spada, who inspired this work.

Azzurra D’Agostino’s own reading is in the soundtrack. Jeff Abshear is the translator. (There’s also a version without the subtitles.) I see that Abshear has translated a collection of D’Agostino’s poetry, Canti di un luogo abbandonato/Songs of an Abandoned Place, for a small, letterpress edition from the Kalamazoo Book Arts Center.