~ Poet: Bozena Urszula Malinowska ~

Delikatnie mnie odepchnąłeś całą… (You gently pushed all of me away…) by Bozena Urszula Malinowska


You said…
—I do not want you
And you said
You said quietly
—through the fog
and so (it seemed) calmly
gently pushed all of me

Another video by Marcin Konrad Malinowski for a poem by his deceased mother, part of his Dwa Nieba (“Two Heavens”) project:

It’s mostly inspired by the work of Bozena Urszula Malinowska, my mother, who left a substantial collection of poems. Whether or not it strengthens them, interpretation gives them new meaning because in poetry, we find ourselves. Videopoetry is a way to share these poems with the world, and also gives me the opportunity to respond to them.

(Rendered with the help of Google Translate)

I like the extreme minimalism in this one.

Wygnana (Expelled) by Bozena Urszula Malinowska


Another film by Marcin Konrad Malinowski for a poem by his mother, the late Bozena Urszula Malinowska. Here’s the translation Marcin supplied. I think he’s open to suggestions on how it might be improved, but this is certainly enough to let the non-Polish viewer understand how the film images relate to, and play off of, the text:

Expelled from paradise
by me
by me alone
I’ll bury my sin in my heart
I won’t drop to my knees
in hope, that there
behind the gates
I’ll find silence and peace
Today I expel myself from paradise
With a curse
that’ll crush my heart
and I won’t yearn,
cry, wait and dream
I expel myself from paradise
So I can
live again

The post about the video on Marcin’s project blog reproduces a hand-written draft of the poem.

Dwa Nieba by Bożena Urszula Malinowska


Filmmaker Marcin Konrad Malinowski‘s first videopoem, for a poem by his mother. Here’s the English translation he provided:

You and me,
Two heavens,
With a little bit of hell,
With the energy of a volcano
That has gone somewhere,
You and me.

His mother passed away four years ago, he told me in an email, leaving behind a box of poems.

UPDATE: Marcin has started a blog on Tumblr about the project, which hopefully will give rise to many more videopoems of this caliber: Dwa Nieba. (It’s in Polish, but Google Translate can give a pretty good idea of the contents.)