~ Poet: Dean Pasch ~

what we don’t put into words by Dean Pasch

An author-made videopoem by Dean Pasch, a British artist and poet living in Germany who’s been uploading a number of short films, with and without poetry. The Vimeo description for this one includes some process notes:

This film started its life as a piece of music composed on an iPad using Garageband. Then I chose one of my poems I felt appropriate and rapped the poem to the music (in Garageband). Next up were the first round of pictures – a series of my own artworks – edited on the ipad in iMovie.

Then there was a break of a year (or so) and I took the film into final cut pro and explored the material further – resulting in the current version.

The challenge is always to transcend the technology while at the same time enjoying it. To embrace the words and the pictures with equal care … exploring both illustration and interpretation – each feeding both picture and word – or at least striving towards that organic flow.