~ Poet: Hal Sirowitz ~

A Year Younger by Hal Sirowitz

Hal Sirowitz’ Mother Said was a bestseller in Noway, whence this film by Kajsa Næss, who notes,

The film is made using a mix of pixillation, cut out photographs and stop motion.
Shot on 16mm

Genius by Hal Sirowitz

Produced by The Center for International Education. I’m assuming it’s by this Robert Fones, a Canadian visual artist. The poem is from Sirowitz’ best-selling book Mother Said, which I reviewed three weeks ago.

Chopped Off Arm and Crumbs by Hal Sirowitz

American poet Hal Sirowitz is, according to an uncited assertion in the Wikipedia, the best-selling translated poet in Norway, thanks mainly to these and other animations by Sigrid Astrup. I think the Norwegian really adds an interesting dimension to the poems.