~ Poet: Hannah Stephenson ~

You Are Here to Receive This Prophecy by Hannah Stephenson


The poem by Hannah Stephenson appeared in qarrtsiluni‘s Worship issue (whence the reading in the soundtrack). Swoon notes in his blog post about the film,

For me, the videopoem had to have a seventies-summer-childhood-anything-is-possible-nostalgia feel…
I wanted to say thanks to my father and mother who gave me a good childhood…

But I also wanted to recycle.
Recently I had an interesting talk about recycling parts of ones own creations.
Writers can use the same words, phrases even…

so why not try to create a new videopoem with exisiting and used material
(exept for the poem, I hadn’t used that before)
The music is a remix of a very short track I made for a commissioned one minute-film.

The images I shot myself (from a train, through the trees, into the sun) were also the base for this videopoem (although for that one I abstracted those images, but the basis is the same)

The footage of the boy trying to climb the fence (thanks to an old family film of the Harris Family from 1975) comes from the same youtube video I used images from for this videopoem.

The blips and cuts from the sculpted head (of my father) and the hands holding it (my mother’s) were also used in this videopoem.

So, I think I was able to create a new videopoem (thanks to a poem and a reading I hadn’t used before, I do realise that) with bricks and mortar that I used elsewhere before.

For more of Stephenson’s work, visit her daily ekphrastic poetry blog, The Storialist.

Matters by Hannah Stephenson

Starting back in March, blogger-poet Hannah Stephenson has been cutting back on her previous pattern of a new poem every weekday to share a multimedia presentation on Fridays (which is actually, I’m sure, more work — I don’t mean to imply she’s been slacking!). Last Friday, she posted this video, which incorporates the text of a previously blogged poem.

Your Oyster by Hannah Stephenson

Video, poem, and music by Hannah Stephenson, who blogged about it briefly at The Storialist.

Seasonally Affected by Hannah Stephenson

This film, called “Seasons,” was made in response to a poem Hannah just wrote and posted to her blog last Thursday. The anonymous filmmaker grow365 says, “This is part of my 365 project to do something creative every day. You can see other experiments at http://grow365.posterous.com […] It’s the first time I’ve ever done this sort of thing.” The soundtrack incorporates Erwin Schulhoff’s Sonata for Solo Violin, Second Movement, performed by Daniel Hope, which means of course that she’s in risk of YouTube stripping it out.

The poet herself also posted a video of the poem, also her first such effort. It’s extremely lo-fi, made with the camera on her laptop, but more imaginative than at least 90% of poem videos made in that fashion.

(The poet moved to Columbus, Ohio in December, and I keep wanting to shout, Put on a damn coat and hat, Hannah! You’re not in L.A. anymore!)