~ Poet: Jeff Crouch ~

Dear Robot 2018 by Cecelia Chapman and Jeff Crouch

A new videopoem from Cecelia Chapman and Jeff Crouch. Chapman wrote in an email,

Dear Robot 2018 is a mail collaboration with Jeff Crouch and Diana Magallon music. A personal housebot goes rogue on an emergency disaster relief mission. Jeff and I have spent YEARS emailing each other links and articles about AI and robots and speculation about behavior.

Message4u by Cecelia Chapman and Jeff Crouch


Artists Cecelia Chapman and Jeff Crouch have collaborated on a number of videos over the years, some of which — like this one — can be seen as videopoems. The soundtrack is by Halo Svevo, and Christa Hunter appears in the video along with footage from 1956 film On Guard! by IBM. There’s also a small folded book and CD.

Message4u is a video and folding book based on email conversations between myself and Jeff Crouch about knowledge, democracy, technology and the computer and oracle as repositories of knowledge and prediction.


Office of Desire and Helicopter Opera by Jeff Crouch


This is SOS, an experimental video by Cecelia Chapman, who has previously been featured here with videos for a couple of her own texts. Jeff Crouch, who also supplied the soundtrack, frequently collaborates with Chapman. And this time they had a third collaborator: Steve Johnson, who supplied the cellphone video.