~ Poet: Johan de Boose ~

Day is Done by Johan de Boose

Swoon‘s latest videopoem features a text, reading and English translation by Belgian author Johan de Boose. As Swoon wrote in a blog post introducing the film:

For poetry day & week (here in Belgium & The Netherlands) Johan de Boose wrote a poem.
The ‘Provincie Oost-Vlaanderen‘ and ‘Het Poëziecentrum‘ gave me a commission to make a videopoem for it.

During these days filled with poetry, Johan is visiting schools, showing the video, reading the poem and talking with the students…

Some things speak for themselves.
Loud and like crystal.


It was clear from the beginning that I wanted someone young to feature in this video. And I found the perfect one. Filming and editing was made easy with her natural expression and Johan’s strong words.

Dutch and Flemish Poetry Day is the fourth Thursday of January (January 24th this year).

Click through to the post to read the poem in both languages.