~ Poet: John Guzlowski ~

The Day I Was Born by John Guzlowski

A powerful poem and reading by the Polish-American poet John Guzlowski is paired with filmmaker Dean Pasch’s abstract imagery, carefully choreographed with the soundtrack. In the Vimeo description, Pasch writes:

John Guzlowski wrote a poem about his own birth – called ‘The Day I Was Born’ – for an online project I created:


He sent me a recording of this he had made – and I created a piece of music and wove his recording and the music together.

I’ve been sitting on the audio creation for quite some time. I’ve thought about how I would like to make a film using it. I had many different ideas of what images I could use / would like to use. Finally I decided on non-figuration.

Click through to read the prose poem.