~ Poet: Noel Williams ~

Four Steps Removed: Taxidermy – poems by Jenny Donnison, Angelina Ayers, Noel Williams and Helen Cadbury

A series of poems by four UK poets that were all prompted by the same exhibition, “12 Heads and the Reynard Diary,” by artist Susannah Gent, at Bank Street Arts, Sheffield. The poems are:

“Taxidermy” – Jenny Donnison
“Taxidermy I, II, III” – Angelina Ayers
“Notes on Taxidermy – A Poem Found in Susannah Gent” – Noel Williams
“Young Red and the Urban Fox” – Helen Cadbury
“Teumessian Fox” – Jenny Donnison

Mark Gittins recorded the poets and made a video, but passed it on to the composer, Lyndon Scarfe, without the recordings, which were only combined with his sountrack at the very end — an interesting process.