~ Poet: Paloma Sierra ~

Soy Tierra Desgajandome / I Am Soil Breaking Off by Paloma Sierra

A videopoem exploring Puerto Ricans immigrants’ feelings of belonging and alienation by Pittsburgh-based poet and director Paloma Sierra, animated by L.A. artist Andrew Edwards (click though to view storyboards from the animation). Grants from the City of Asylum and Carnegie Mellon University helped underwrite the production, including music by Dusty Sanders and audio engineering by Sebastian Gutierrez. The English translation in titling is the work of Abigail Salmon.

This is our second post of a Paloma Sierra video. Marie Craven shared Every Word I Say to You back on August 2.

Every Word I Say to You by Paloma Sierra

Every Word I Say to You is a simple yet deeply touching piece by Paloma Sierra, a Puerto Rican writer, translator and film-maker. She describes the video:

The poem is inspired by my family’s experience living with Alzheimer’s. Since my grandmother’s diagnosis in 2015, my father and his siblings have dedicated themselves to ensuring my grandmother receives all the love and care she deserves. This poem is for them, my grandmother, and the many families who are living with Alzheimer’s.

Designer Supawat Vitoorapakorn, in Queensland, Australia, is credited with animation for the video. Music is by US composer, Andrew Abrahamsen.

It received funding from by City of Asylum in Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University, Frank-Ratchye STUDIO for Creative Inquiry.