~ Poet: Ryan W. Bradley ~

Jaguar: poems by Ryan W. Bradley and David Tomaloff

Swoon notes,

Jaguar is a journey through a city. Underground and in the open air.
Imminent danger, a city full of people, unaware.

The poems are read by the authors. They include, in order of presentation, “You Are Jaguar,” by David Tomaloff; “Surfacing,” by Ryan W. Bradley; “You are the sound of sleepwalk waking,” by Tomaloff; and “You Are Jaguar” by Bradley. The poems are found in a recent book from Artistically Declined Press, You Are Jaguar.

Swoon blogged a bit about the film. He quotes Tomaloff on the making of the chapbook:

We wrote the poems 2 lines at a time without exception and very little discussion on where it was going. Then we edited all of the work separately, putting our own personal touches to work that was not wholly our own. Then we set the book up something like a bi-lingual book (side to side), signifying that each poem (left and right) are, in very real ways, translations of each other. In the end, I feel the reader makes the two manuscripts one. It’s one of those collaborations where NONE of it would have happened without two people; I know I couldn’t have written it myself!