~ Poet: Thylias Moss ~

Ostrich Consulation in the Culture of Snowmen by Thylias Moss


If I haven’t shared more videos by the prolific and innovative Thylias Moss, A.K.A. forkergirl, it’s mostly because they were uploaded at a time when YouTube didn’t support very high-resolution films, and you kind of need that to make out the text in her videos. This more recent upload has none of those problems. There’s a lengthy gloss on the video at YouTube; I’ll just quote the opening paragraphs:

A Limited Fork Theory video poam (product of an acts of making) that investigates simultaneity through video convergence of multiple tines of information that exist in multiple forms: printed text, video, sound. The video poam reveals the moment of collision of the multiple tines, explores some of the warping and upheavals of colliding as a form of convergence.

Poam instead of poem, by the way, so as to not limit form with prescriptions of inclusion and exclusion long associated with poetry. Learn more about Limited Fork Theory at the Institute for 4orkological Studies (http://www.4orkology.com).

Rush Hour by Thylias Moss


Moss writes,

A video poam that explores the simultaneous and related journeys of workers from two social strata whose need of each other does not include the exchange of essential aspects of identity.

She also uploaded another version, “Rush Hour (too).”

Hypnosis at the Bird Factory by Thylias Moss


An enjoyable “adventure in vibration studies” from Forkergirl, who includes it in a webpage devoted to her limited fork theory. I’m not sure if this is a serious theory or a gentle parody of Thylias Moss’s academic colleagues, but it doesn’t matter. The video’s description at YouTube is delightful and worth reproducing in full:



So many vibrations, so many patterns of movement on so many scales in so many bifurcating systems, but at last a (temporary) match to the pattern of movement (and its associated audible and inaudible, on human scales, music) of a search for signs of intelligent life.

This status report describes the finding of a feather in a forking universe system in which the feather led to hypnosis at a bird factory presumed to be the source of the feather as no other intelligent-life constructions were observed though their unavailability for observation does not preclude the existence of other intelligent life constructions in this particular universe system. The feather itself was alive with possibilities, but as forkergirl had prior knowledge of birds, vibrations of that knowledge imposed limiting factors on those possibilities, resulting in a bounded infinity, as infinite as any other, though of a different size.

An inability to find other intelligent life constructions doesn’t mean they aren’t there and indeed could indicate that parameters of the search itself do not support finding evidence that forks so far from the parameters, the parameters cannot detect or measure presences outside detectable thresholds.

It is difficult at best to report on a reality based on hypnotic evolutions when such behaviors in many western depictions of Earth realities tend both to lack and to be unable to acquire scientific credence despite the existence of terminology for the mystical and supernatural, terms that refer to something, including, though not limited to, the substance of various forms of delusion, the mind being able to generate and sustain realities that do not require confirmation of existence from outside the mind’s imagined authority, real within the imaginary realm that (at this time) is difficult to measure though its roots are tethered to an organic and electrical human body nervous system relied upon by both objectivity and subjectivity, the empirical and the aesthetic.

The full status report is available as a PDF.

Verde: the greening of electrons by Thylias Moss


I’ve been seriously remiss in not posting some of the 57 poetry videos uploaded by Forkergirl at YouTube, A.K.A. Thylias Moss, a major contemporary American poet. This one caught my fancy because it riffs on the first lines of a favorite poem of mine, Federico García Lorca’s “Romance Sonámbulo.” Moss includes the text of her piece in the notes below the video on YouTube. Made for Valentine’s Day 2007, it’s been played more than 3,900 times.