~ Poet: Tonatihu Mercado ~

Un hombre que dijo ser el mar (A man who claimed to be the sea) by Tonatihu Mercado


A very ambitious stop-motion videopoem from Mexico. Tonatihu Mercado directed and wrote the poem, Mariana G. Reyes was the director of photography, and Osiris A. Puerto is credited simply with “Arte” (making the claymation figures, I guess) along with eight assistant artists and six assistant animators. Eros “Lobo” Ortega composed the original score, and the slightly dodgy English translation is attributed to Jesús Francisco García Reyes. Here’s the description at YouTube:

UN HOMBRE QUE DIJO SER EL MAR: El trascurrir interno de “Un hombre” que naufraga en una isla. Se nombra “mar” y en el plenilunio tiene un encuentro efímero con la luna; después cada quien sigue su camino, es el amor.
* * *
A MAN WHO CLAIMED TO BE THE SEA: Internal flowing of a man who shipwrecked in an island. He is claimed to be the Sea and in the full moon has an ephemeral encounter with the moon itself; Then each one follow their ways, is the love.