~ Poet: Tyler Flynn Dorholt ~

Tickets to Your Morning in the Mirror by Tyler Flynn Dorholt

Dorholt’s poems on the page are long, difficult and packed with arresting images, so it’s perhaps unsurprising that his videopoems would be the same. The text of this one originally appeared in Slope.

For links to all Dorholt’s films, see his blog.

Walking Out, Part 1 by Tyler Flynn Dorholt


“Part I in a series of poems called ‘Walking Out,'” says Mr. Dorholt.

“The wish for a garden was simple” by Tyler Flynn Dorholt

“Poem written by Tyler Flynn Dorholt with the first line ‘The wish for a garden was simple,'” says the description on Vimeo, and I’m trying to remember why that name sounds so familiar. Then I remember: we published him at qarrtsiluni last spring. Here’s his blog. Judging from the latest post, it sounds as if he’s getting into video poetry in a fairly big way.