~ Poet: Tyrone Estephan ~

We Are The War by T&DA

A fascinating experiment in AI-generated videopoetry from an artists’ collective in Sydney, written and directed by Tyrone Estephan.

We Are The War | CLIP-Guided Storytelling & Speech Synthesis

At T&DA we have explored leveraging the latest technologies to create ‘We Are The War’, an animated graphic novella poem, where both the images and narration were generated through visual and audio synthesis.

Created using prompts inspired by children’s book illustrations and the lines of our poem, images were generated using Midjourney. The narrator was generated through speech synthesis software that only needed 15 minute sample of talking.

To add parallax and depth to the scenes we used neural Z depth extraction.

Using these tools we tell the story of children’s metaversal shenanigans as realities of recent years bleed into their locked down lives. We can think of this technology almost as if it’s a 10 year old expressing itself, which felt like the perfect means to convey the sentiments of the poem.

Tyrone Estephan – Written & Directed
Sean Simon – Visuals & Post
Josh Kell – Online Editor