~ Poet: Vanessa Plain ~

Easy to Love a Beautiful Woman by Vanessa Plain

Update: Video is no longer online.

Viral Verse marked the first anniversary of their launch with this videopoem, written, filmed and narrated by Vanessa Plain. Here’s what she wrote about the film over at VV and at Vimeo:

Easy to Love a Beautiful Woman is a dramatic narrative, a sci-fi poem. It was inspired by a worrying trend – I see a lot of love for the Earth but little faith.

They say we are here because of planetary accident. The intelligence of nature is dismissed as illusionary. We convince ourselves that it us vs. nature, yet we are here only by the Earth’s good grace.

We are dazzled by technology, believing any new discovery to be for our good. But all too often our choices have proved wrong.

The poem is a cautionary tale. It’s set in a future when Revelations become real and they tell us to pack…

Easy to love a new idea,
Fall deep in its charms.
Jump head first with a cursory look
blind to any harm.