~ AHA Collective ~

Աշնանացան / Autumn Sowing by Anahit Hayrapetyan

Let me turn into a song and spread in your wilderness

Let me turn into a ray of sun and by diffused in your light

Let me turn into a seed and sprout in your fields…

Moving Poems’ first film from Armenia is part videopoem, part documentary of an installation. Poet Anahit Hayrapetyan‘s lines are first shown on screen then incorporated line by line as white flags planted in a scarified landscape of furrowed fields and eroded pastureland, making a powerful statement about how land is claimed and occupied. Only in the final words is the poem’s political agenda revealed: “beloved Artsakh.”

Both installation and film are credited to Maïda Chavak and Naïri Khatchadourian, with Narek Harutyunyan as cinematographer, typography by Sargis Antonian and editing by Nina Khachatryan. The music was composed by Miqayel Voskanyan with Rafik Avagyan on blul (a type of flute). Together, they call themselves the AHA Collective. Autumn Sowing is the third part of a triptych called Hanging Garden, and is probably best seen in that context, as part of an exhibition including “objects of memory, traces of an act of emergency, historical sources of a heritage site with a status left hanging.”

[T]here is an urge to reinvent how mankind inhabits territory and heritage and what new forms can be taken by one’s sense of belonging to one’s land and language. The third space showcases such a short film and an educational program for all to practice the art of typography through wooden stamps, to write by hand to inscribe a permanent imprint.