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Calls for work: latest round-up

I’ll illustrate this round-up with a trailer excerpt from a personal favourite that I saw this week from the online Juried Selections at REELPoetry Festival in Houston. I Dream my Dream by Monique van Kerkhof and Bo Oudendijk.

Dreaming about showing your work? From Australia to Mexico and other points in between, there are film festivals that are awaiting poetry films. Recent posts here on Moving Poems have included Drumshanbo, Resonans, and Maldito, and these are still open, as well as Midwest which was listed back in January.

In Australia there is a new poetry film festival to be held in conjunction with the Poets on the Mountain Festival and they are looking for Australian poetry films and Australian Bush Poetry films. Deadline 30 June.

La Poesia Che Si Vede is an international competition for poetry films based in Ancona, Italy. The organisers say that “poetry film for La Poesia che si vede is total poetry, without discrimination of genre or format”. Deadline 27 May.

Fotogenia in Mexico City has been running for 6 years. It has a varied programme that includes categories such as avant-garde feature films and video art, with a specific film poetry category. They do have a number of specific rules though – do check carefully. These include mandatory Spanish subtitles if your film is to be shown in the in-person screening, and that films cannot be shown online at any other public website. Deadline 31 July.

Call for work: Drumshanbo 2024

The 3rd Annual Drumshanbo Written Word Poetry Film Competition is now open for entries on Film freeway at https://filmfreeway.com/DrumshanboWrittenWordPoetryFilmCompetition Drumshanbo in County Leitrim, Ireland, a beautiful lakelands town hosts an annual literary festival in August. The festival brings together some of Ireland’s finest writers and poets. As part of this they host an annual poetry film competition open to all. Each year there is an evening where shortlisted films are screened as part of the opening ceremony.

Shortlisted films will be shown on Friday 23rd Aug 2024. There will be a 1st Prize of €500 Films of up to 10 minutes are welcome.

Drumshanbo 2023: A brief report

The second Drumshanbo Written Word Poetry Film Competition was a great success with nearly a hundred entries from sixteen countries. This was up 15% on last year. We shortlisted down to 16 films, after a rigorous review process. This included five Irish films and films from the UK, Germany, US, Canada, Australia, and the Netherlands. Films were of a very high production quality, varying in theme from the wr in Ukraine to women’s rights in Iran, mental health, and familial tenderness.

An audience of fifty or more arrived at the Mayflower Ballroom Drumshanbo on Friday 26th August, despite the cool weather, to watch and appreciate the magical intertwining of language and light. The feedback from the audience was fantastic, especially when I interviewed two film makers on stage. The up-and-coming poet Liz Houchin, recently in residency at the Scottish Poetry Library, told us how, when she had a little grant money left over she decided to ask poet and filmmaker Luke Morgan to create something out of one of her favourite poems, “If my mother had a retrospective at the V&A” (see below). Have fun, she told them, and by God they did, creating a virtual exhibition space on screen where her mother’s knitting and sewing enterprises were playfully laid out for all to see. A surreal experience, where the ordinary is catapulted onto the halls of one of the great museums, in so doing exploding the whole idea of the ordinary. Made, Liz said, for all the quiet needle workers in the homes of Ireland.

We also talked to the very talented Grace Wells from County Clare. Grace has been making poetry films for many years out of her own poems. Mostly with an ecological slant, advocating for nature and the environment. Grass was a beautifully filmed eco-poetryfilm where the narrator addresses that most important of natures flora as it meanders through its seasons. All in all a great night. Roll on next year. You can view the shortlisted films on YouTube.

Call for films: Drumshanbo Written Word Weekend

Drumshanbo Written Word Weekend is looking for poetry films. Drumshanbo in County Leitrim, Ireland, hosts an annual literary festival bringing together some of Ireland’s finest writers and poets to celebrate the written word. Part of this festival is an annual Poetry Film Competition open to filmmakers and poets from everywhere. The shortlisted films are screened as part of the festivals opening ceremony, and is curated by Colm Scully.

Market Square, Drumshanbo / Image: Oliver Dixon CC BY-SA 2.0

The event offers a first prize of €400

Apply via Filmfreeway at the following link (€5 per submission) https://filmfreeway.com/DrumshanboWrittenWordPoetryFilmCompetition

or apply for free direct by sending a high resolution download link to writtenwordpoemfilm@gmail.com by Saturday 1st July with the following information on an attached Word document.

  • Film Name
  • Director
  • Poem Name
  • Poet
  • Length of Film
  • Country of Origin
  • When completed
  • Short Bios
  • Contact Details

Films should be no longer than 6 minutes, and have been made since Jan 2021. Maximum two films per competitor. All languages welcome but films not in English or Irish require English subtitles or captions. Responsibility for copyright and third party authorisations lies with the creator. Please do not submit films that were previously entered.

Drumshanbo Written Word Weekend 2022 Poetry Film programme now online

Drumshanbo Literary Festival’s Written Word Weekend took place in Leitrim in Ireland in August, and it incorporated a poetry film festival. The winning film was Four Attempts At Making A Human – (not) after the Popol Vuh by writer Dylan Brennan and film-maker Jonathan Brennan. (as reported previously by Moving Poems).

Screenshot – film by Dylan and Jonathan Brennan

The full programme of 14 shortlisted films are now together to view on YouTube.

  • Twenty Times – Caroline Rumley
  • Immigrants Open Shops – Pat Boran
  • Grace – Kathryn Darnell
  • Memory Hair – Philip Spillane
  • Legacy – Pam Falkenberg/Jack Cochran
  • Back Up Quick, They’re Hippies – Fiona Aryan/ Lani O’Hanlon
  • See Shells – Lee Campbell
  • Someone else’s war – Sinead McClure
  • Madrigal of the Nesting Doll – Milla Van der Have
  • There is a scratch on the inside of my right Knee – Paula Harris
  • The Dealer – Chloe Jacquet
  • Lost Souls – Dennis Earlie/ Kevin McManus
  • Four attempts at making a human – Dylan and Jonathan Brennan
  • Containment – Janet Lees

Four Attempts at Making a Human by Dylan Brennan

The full title of this videopoem is Four Attempts At Making A Human – (not) after the Popol Vuh. In recent days it was announced as the winner of the poetry film competition at the revived Drumshanbo Written Word Weekend in County Leitrim, Ireland.

Writer Dylan Brennan and film-maker Jonathan Brennan are the creative duo behind the piece. From their statement at Vimeo:

Popol Vuh is an ancient Guatemalan/Maya text. It is the origin story of the Maya people. In it, the Gods make several attempts at creating humans using a variety of materials: from mud or clay to wood and corn. However, each of these substances prove unsuccessful until they try to make humans out of corn. Finally they succeed.

The poem is in three parts, each with a different tone and pattern on the page. The video recreates this using three sections, each employing a different technique from handheld to stop motion animation to kaleidoscopic effects. Subtle sound effects feature in sections one and two.

Poet and film-maker Colm Scully adjudicated the competition. From his statement on the winning film:

Perhaps about fertility, perhaps a dystopian Frankenstein like horror with a twist at the end, it worked beautifully. Partly filmed in Leitrim Four attempts at making a Human deserves rewatching over and over again, and the visual impact forces rereading of the very powerful poem.

Congratulations to the winning artists and organisers of the event, a further development in the culture of poetry film in Ireland.

Call for poetry films: Drumshanbo Written Word Weekend Ireland

Drumshanbo Written Word Weekend is looking for Poetry Films for its revived literary festival in County Leitrim, Ireland, 26-27 August 2022.

Shortlisted films will be shown at the festival, with a €300 First Prize for the winner.

For more information please see the Facebook event page.

Rules copied here as the festival doesn’t have a web page:

Please send a high resolution download link to writtenwordpoemfilm@gmail.com by Monday 1st August with the following information on an attached word doc: Film Name, Director, Poem Name, Poet, Length of Film, Country of Origin, When completed, Short Bios, Contact Details.

The Poetry Film should be no longer than 6 minutes, and have been made since Jan 2020.

Max two films per competitor. Responsibility for copyright and third party authorisations lies with the creator.

Adjudicator: Colm Scully