~ Jake Cushnir ~

Erica Goss on the place of poetry—and poetry videos—in the community

Erica Goss, founder of Media Poetry Studio, the first summer camp for videopoetry makers, is also Poet Laureate of Los Gatos, California, and recently, as the Vimeo description says, filmmaker Jake Cushnir “followed [her] around to see what a poet’s day is like.” The film includes several snippets of Goss’ own poetry, as well as her reflections on the place of poetry in the community and in public education. As Development Director for California Poets in the Schools (which isn’t mentioned in the film), she speaks with particular authority about how kids typically interact with poetry and with screens, and the best ways to overcome their resistance of poetry as it is more conventionally taught.

Speaking of which, I see that enrollments are open for this summer’s Media Poetry Studio. Visit their website for more information.